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Chest And Back Pain Ekg Normal. Ask your doctor about a ct angiogram. 2 1 2 years ago i also had an cat scan of the heart and lungs with 0 calcium score.

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I have seen the gp and after one more ecg and blood test i was tested helicobactor pylori positive so i was given some anti biotics and gas resistant tablets no pain for some time then. They did an ecg and all came normal and she suggested to me to go to gp. You may have inflammtion of the bone from a recent injury trauma or viral upper respiratory infection.

Pain in upper back and chest.

All cardiac symptoms including chest tightness. Well i am 17 and i have also took cilias and viagra haha dont ask why. After these normal test results you continue having chest pain and also other symptoms e g sweating nausea jaw pain back pain labored breathing that have been well documented as being part of many heart attacks or signs of severe coronary blockage. All cardiac symptoms including chest tightness.