Chest X Ray Came Back Normal But Still Coughing

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Chest X Ray Came Back Normal But Still Coughing. Depending on what they hear they might also order a chest x ray to get a better view of your chest and lungs. I can go at least 2 hours before coughing again.

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The answer is that you don t have a chest infection. If you re still coughing after two months make an appointment with a doctor. I cough til i m sick sorry for tmi dr sent me for a chest x ray which came back clear.

My chest feels very weak and my breathing is painful.

The other causes for long term cough besides asthma are gerd and post nasal drip from allergies. He then gave me antacid pills as he decided it could be silent reflux. I went back to my doctor and he gave me clarithromycin again which seemed to resolve the situation. Chest x rays can also reveal fluid in or around your lungs or air surrounding a lung.