Chest And Back Pain Upon Waking

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Chest And Back Pain Upon Waking. Osteomalacia causes bone aching in the back and for no particular reason it gets worse at night. The classic symptoms of heart attack include extreme pain in the chest even when you are resting or chest pain when waking up feeling of extreme pressure and heaviness in the chest.

Morning Back Pain Causes Treatment Spineone
Morning Back Pain Causes Treatment Spineone from

There are several causes for chest pain. But people usually don t notice back pain while sleeping until they wake up. The affected areas are lower back pelvis legs hips and ribs.

First make sure you re sleeping in a position that is conducive to maintaining the natural curves of your spine.

These include muscle aches arthritis asthma heart attack pneumothorax. Waking up with lower back pain can often indicate a problem with a person s sleeping posture mattress or pillows. Other symptoms include feeling of being dizzy sick and fainting profuse sweating and shortness of breath. Once your chest pain disappears you might decide to.