What Type Of Ulcer Causes Chest And Back Pain

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What Type Of Ulcer Causes Chest And Back Pain. This pain may become worse while breathing deeply lying down or swallowing. Usually it s not particularly difficult for a doctor to distinguish chest pain caused by peptic ulcer disease from angina caused by coronary artery disease cad.

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Other causes other possible causes of chest pain include. Peptic ulcer pain is not induced by exercise and relieved by rest as is typical angina pain. Some are relatively benign while others can be much more serious.

Ulcers can also cause back pain which is a symptom that is usually associated with other medical conditions.

A person who experiences persistent chest pain accompanied by acid reflux or peptic ulcer symptoms may want to consult their doctor. Pericarditis causes sharp chest pain. Venous ulcers the most common type of leg ulcers are open wounds often forming on your leg below your knee and on the inner area of your ankle. Ulcers can cause various symptoms and abdominal pain is the most common one.