Chesty Cough With Chest And Back Pain

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Chesty Cough With Chest And Back Pain. A whooping cough is a contagious respiratory infection that is usually spread from one person to another through coughing or sneezing. Hello and welcome to hcm pain in the chest and under the right shoulder when you cough suggests a pathology in the lungs.

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Warm water or tea can soothe your throat and bronchial tubes easing a persistent cough. What are the most common causes of chronic cough. Your coughs may be dry or productive and bring up mucus from affected airways.

Lung cancer may cause chest pain that worsens when a person breathes deeply coughs or laughs.

Generally bacterial pneumonia will come on very suddenly while viral pneumonia will develop more slowly. Asthma is an inflammation and narrowing of the airways. A x ray of the lung fields is required. Chestwall itself esophagus stomache lungs heart pancreas and even liver problems can cause chest pain.