Chest And Upper Back Pain Right Side

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Chest And Upper Back Pain Right Side. Sometimes muscular problems may cause pain in the chest and upper back. It is true that the back pain is not as serious as that of the chest pain.

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Stress can exacerbate digestive system conditions which cause pain on the right side of the chest and upper back. Right sided chest pain is not usually talked about as often but can still indicate a variety of problems. Pain in the chest behind the ribs and in the back sometimes pain is felt in the chest in the back the diaphragm and behind the ribs during or after meals and can then feel like cramp.

Pleuritis pleura is a thin membrane covers lungs and the chest wall.

Pulls of the muscles or ligaments in the chest and injuries to the ribcage may lead to right side chest pain. However the pain that the patient may experience may differ due to the various reasons and it may be a sharp pain dull pain burning pain aching stabbing squeezing crushing sensation etc. Pleurisy is inflammation of the linings pleura of the lungs and chest wall. If you have one or more of these symptoms it may be a sign of a hiatus hernia.