Chest And Upper Back Muscle Pain

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Chest And Upper Back Muscle Pain. A dull ache might be due to a fractured vertebra or muscle. Sometimes muscular problems may cause pain in the chest and upper back.

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Injury can occur due to things like accidents or falls. If the trps have caused the muscle to become tight and short you may experience pain tingling and numbing down the inside of the arm to the hand and fingers. A strained or pulled chest muscle may cause a sharp pain in your chest.

In the large majority of cases it is relatively easy for an attentive physician to diagnose the cause of chest wall pain and to recommend appropriate treatment.

A tight or burning pain in the middle chest and upper abdomen that occurs while lying down may be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease gerd. Several muscles in the chest and upper back are used together while performing activities related to the upper body such as rowing throwing a ball lifting weights painting walls or washing windows. Chest wall pain is very common in people seen by doctors for chest pain and is only rarely caused by a serious medical problem. Treatment may include home remedies such as rest and gentle exercises or possibly seeing a physical.