Chest And Triceps Workout Pdf

Easy workout and chest back pain solution program

Chest And Triceps Workout Pdf. Chest other muscles worked. Dumbbell floor press 3 8 12 4.

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October workout printable chest and triceps workout pdf. Lie on a decline bench hold barbell about 6 wider than shoulder width. Using the parallel bars grip the handles and push yourself up to your starting position.

Tuesday back biceps exercise sets reps back.

Lower weighted bar to middle of chest then press the bar upward. 10 15 dips with aerobic step place hands on edge of aerobic step. Triceps rope pushdown 5 minutes non stop trx triceps extension 3 sets 8 12 reps floor press and pushup superset 10 1 descending ladder 10 floor presses and 10 pushups then 9 and 9 8 and 8. Dumbbell floor press 3 8 12 4.