Chest And Tricep Superset Workout Routine

Easy workout and chest back pain solution program

Chest And Tricep Superset Workout Routine. Pete williams is a n a s m certified personal trainer and the author or co author of a number of books on performance and training. Flat dumbbell chest presses 4 sets of 8 12 reps.

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You may rest 60 seconds between superset pairs. But don t forget to warm up. As is normally the case with supersets don t rest between the paired exercises marked a and b in the same number.

But don t forget to warm up.

You carry out two completely different workouts back to back with no relaxation in between. So now let me give you a bunch of examples of antagonist superset workouts. Add these chest and triceps exercises to your next workout. By doing this you stimulate the working muscle tissues to develop.