Chest And Back Pain Only When Lying Down

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Chest And Back Pain Only When Lying Down. Pain in the left or right areas of the chest is a typical symptom of pleuritis an illness that can cause fluid to build up around the lungs. Other causes to consider include breastbone pain sternum and collarbone pain clavicle.

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Chest wall pain can after an accident injury or by movement resulting in a strain. Dull achiness that is felt in the upper back and chest perhaps just on one side and or possibly extending into the shoulder area burning sharp or electric like pain that may worsen with movement possibly radiating pain along a rib from the upper back to the chest area. Treatment may involve rest and over the counter pain medications.

You should report the chest pain on lying down to your medic.

Greater force is applied on the chest when lying flat even if a person does not lie on the affected part. Painful to sit up straight and push chest out. Upper between shoulder blades back pain in spine worse when lying down on back or sides. If you have chest wall pain you may experience pain when lying down to sleep especially if you often change positions.