Chest And Back Pain Breast Cancer

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Chest And Back Pain Breast Cancer. Metastatic breast cancer may also cause pain. Some treatments for breast cancer may cause back pain.

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The most common symptom if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes is that they feel hard or swollen. It could be from a larger tumor these are often over two centimeters in diameter or pain in other regions of the body due to the spread of cancer. A lump or swelling under your armpit.

When cancer recurs in the chest wall it may be classed as a locoregional recurrence or it may be linked to distant metastasis.

A chest wall recurrence is breast cancer that returns after a mastectomy. Chest wall pain can have a number of causes including. A medical condition such as angina or gallstones. One of the first places breast cancer can spread to is the lymph nodes under the arm on the same side as the breast cancer.