Causes For Chest And Back Pain

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Causes For Chest And Back Pain. Several muscles in the chest and upper back are used together while performing activities related to the upper body such as rowing throwing a ball lifting weights painting walls or washing windows. Some other possible causes of chest and back pain include infections digestive conditions and injuries to muscle bone or other tissues within the chest.

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A blockage in the heart blood vessels that reduces blood flow and oxygen to the. Repetitive use or overuse of multiple muscle groups for example through activities such as rowing can lead to aching pain. Although not the only cause of chest pain these heart problems are common causes.

Other symptoms of pneumonia include fever chills and coughing up phlegm.

The most important thing is to determine the cause why there is both chest pain and back pain together. Causes of chest and back pain that can cause pain while swallowing include pericarditis and aortic aneurysm if the aneurysm is pressing on the esophagus. Lung infections such as pneumonia can cause sharp or stabbing chest pain. Sometimes muscular problems may cause pain in the chest and upper back.